Readjustment and Reorientation

This map shows a new constructed geography that has been created through processes of time restandardisation. It surpasses physical space and real geography while attempting to represent the fragmentation of the world that occurs when time becomes political, and territories break from the standards of Greenwich Meantime. The map does not separate land from sea and treats both spatial conditions equally, as tools used for capital expansion.  Although the world is divided into 12 geographical time zones, today, there are 40 different local times used around the world. Two places that are just a few kilometres apart might have several hours time difference. The often abused flexibility of time zone borders detaches a singular physical space from its solar time, making it always either ahead or behind actual time. It also makes a relationship in between any two physical places on earth different in time in comparison to space. Exercising political power by adjusting clocks and calendars creates a new set of spatial relationships that blurs the importance of national borders and problematises a world that is divided temporally as well as spatially.

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